Preservation Worcester

Get to Know Preservation Worcester


To maintain for future generations the sites and structures which are significant to the culture, history, and architecture of the city and to encourage excellence in future design.


Preservation Worcester was founded in 1969 by interested local citizens who were increasingly concerned about the future of Worcester’s architectural heritage in reaction to urban renewal programs and the then standard practice of “destroy the old, build anew.” Started as a volunteer organization, Preservation Worcester named Janet McCorison as its first non-volunteer Executive Director in the mid 1970s. Now with more than 600 active members, the organization has a four-person staff headquartered at 10 Cedar Street, an American Foursquare with Colonial Revival details. The building was donated to the organization in 1992 and renovated through a Massachusetts Preservation Project Fund Grant. It serves as a successful model of adaptive reuse renting office space to support operating expenses. Over the years, Preservation Worcester was instrumental is safeguarding important structures including Mechanics Hall, Union Station, the Chestnut Street Church, the Fire Alarm & Telegraph Building and the Quinsigamond School.


  • Excellence in Preservation – Through advocacy, education and action, Preservation Worcester is dedicated to the protection of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods which represent the culture, history and architecture of Worcester.
  • Pride in Worcester – Preservation Worcester believes that protecting the best of Worcester’s architectural heritage and promoting good design encourages community pride and identity.
  • Partnership – Preservation Worcester works with neighborhood groups, developers, city departments and officials, schools, other cultural organizations, and state and local historical commissions to further its goals.

Board of Directors


Timothy P. Corrinet, President
Thomas E. Conroy, Vice President
Dorothy J. Hargrove, Vice President
Jamie S. How, Treasurer
Katherine Bagdis Wally, Clerk


Deborah S. Packard, Executive Director
Valerie J. Ostrander, Office Manager
Susan McDaniel Ceccacci, Education Director


Morris A. Bergman
Janet A. Birbara
Noah R. Bombard
Matthew T. Brassard
Paula H. Cobb
Meagen P. Donoghue
Elaine K. Gardella
Robert Goodell
Denis Kennedy
Arlette M. Lynch
Jonathan L. Mailloux
Timothy M. McCann
Nadia T. McGourthy
Laila Mhirig
Robert F. Para, Jr.
Andrew P. Shveda, Jr.
Raymond James Simoncini
James E. Vargas
James A. Welu