Door to Door Lawn Sign




Door to Door Signs:

Whether you participate in decorating or not, please consider showing your support by purchasing our artist-designed yard sign, pictured above.  We hope that our lively signs will be distributed across the entire city and spotlight a communal holiday spirit. 

*The price of the sign includes delivery, please be sure to specify instructions. Questions? email*


About the Door to Door Tour:

This citywide self-guided tour will take place throughout December, including all of Worcester’s neighborhoods. The tour is designed to evoke a citywide holiday spirit in a way that is safe, fun, and educational; it will celebrate architecture, history, culture, and all that makes our neighborhoods beautiful, interesting, and unique.

All city residents and businesses are encouraged to participate in the tour by decorating their front doors in any fashion, faith, or custom. There is no cost to take part; participants will simply register with Preservation Worcester.  Each participating property can share a 2-3 sentence statement describing the inspiration behind their decorations and will appear in a digital booklet.

Tourgoers will view the varieties of decorations at their leisure with our digital booklet come December. The booklet will contain the tour route in addition to historical and architectural information on each featured neighborhood.