Lindberg & Dahlin Double Cottage

23-25 Blackstone River Road

Circa 1877, the Lindberg and Dahlin Double Cottages are located at 19 and 23 Blackstone River Road.  This once marvelous Victorian Eclectic style structure is one of the few worker cottages remaining in Quinsigamond Village. Although few factory-owned worker’s housing was built in Worcester in the nineteenth century, some cottages were built along the east side of Millbury Street (now Blackstone River Road) in Quinsigamond Village by then local Washburn and Moen Company. These two cottages were apparently built and owned privately.   In 1877, Alfred Dahlin, “hammersman” at Washburn & Moen’s Quinsigamond wireworkers, was first listed in one half the 23 Blackstone River Road cottage.

Although the building has undergone some alteration, it still retains a central dormer with jerkin-head roof and brackets, a double width front porch with turned woodwork and some original vertical sheathing. The property shows signs of deterioration and water damage – the roof, the siding, the chimney (needs re-pointing), and the woodwork around the porch area, all require renovation to further stop the decay of this structure.