Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church

26-28 Mulberry Street

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church was built in 1928, inspired by 17th century Roman Baroque churches.  Rev. Gioacchino  Maffei organized the original congregation and raised the funds for its construction.  The façade is accented with smooth Corinthian pilasters, floral ornaments, and Baroque scrolls.  The interior is well preserved although later 20th century alterations have left only a portion of the painted interior decoration intact.

The church was closed in May 2016 following a safety assessment.  At that time, the damaged façade pediment  and its polychrome sculptures were removed.  The Mount Carmel Preservation Society,  a group of concerned parishioners, encouraged the City to impose a demolition delay waiver and is still working to preserve the building and find a new use for it.  The church is owned by the Diocese of Worcester, which recently announced plans to deconsecrate the church and sell it as part of a 5-acre-plus parcel that includes the church, rectory, community center and baseball field. 

The structure was listed on Preservation Worcester’s 2016 and 2017 Most Endangered Structures Lists and also on the 2016 Preservation Massachusetts Most Endangered Resources List.   The city’s one-year demolition delay expired in May 2017 and the owner can legally demolish the structure.