Armenian Church of the Martyrs
18 Ormond Street



Built in 1901, this building was inspired in part by English Gothic churches. However, unlike its stone models, it is built of wood and covered with wood shingles. The building was designed by Edward Topanelian. Topanelian was the son of an early leader of the Worcester Armenian community. The brown and yellow color scheme and the shaped rafters under the eaves are typical of early 20th century American wood buildings. The most notable feature of the church is its rectangular buttressed facade tower with crenellations at the top.

Two important national Armenian Protestant organizations were founded in this church: The Armenian Evangelical Union (1902) and the Armenian Missionary Association of America (1918). Because of its importance in the history of the Armenians, both locally and nationally, this building is of outstanding significance. Its recognition and preservation should be encouraged. However, at this point in its history, the Armenian Church of the Martyrs is in dire need of repair.

The windows, outside façade, and foundation must all be replaced to prevent continued decay and the loss of this small yet strong church. The current administration of the Church places the cost of the restoration at over $200,000. They are actively looking for funds to help preserve this historical landmark for all Armenians.


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