Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Worcester County Chapter Constructions Specification Institute


This program serves to increase awareness of historically significant architecture within the City of Worcester through a team-based interactive race to find 5 destinations based on clues.

Participants will be divided into teams, with the number of team members ranging from 2-4 depending upon the number of participants. This event is is a presentation of Worcester County Chapter CSI in collaboration with Preservation Worcester and AIA Central Mass. Random combination of participants into teams is intended to increase networking among the construction professionals and presevationists in the Worcester community.

Teams will be given a packet of clues to 5 destinations within the City of Worcester. The clues will contain information pertaining to the destination, but not the actual destination itself. Teams will first have to decipher the clue to determine where to go; use of the internet is encouraged, and clues have been structured with key words which should provide information on the destination when entered into most internet search engines.

Teams must drive to each destination and take a photo of teammates at the destination, as directed in the clue. The use of maps or GPS systems to navigate to the destinations is permitted. Teams may decide whether to solve all clues first and map the most expeditious route, or whether to solve one clue and head to that destination while solving the other clues while travelling. Photos may be taken by teams on cell phones or digital cameras, but teams must provide their own equipment.

The first team to return to the starting point with photos of all five destinations, will be declared the winner, and be awarded prizes. Additionally, the five destinations all share something in common, and a bonus award will be given to the first returning team to accurately identify the connection they share. In the event that no team finds all five destinations, the award will be given to the team finding the most destinations, regardless of their finishing time. In the event of a tie between teams finding less than the five destinations, the award will be made to the team that returned first.

Teams will be given a maximum 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the scavenger hunt, after which time all teams should return to the starting point at Leo's Ristorante. A video presentation will be given, highlighting the architectural significance and the history of each of the destinations for the participants. Following the history presentation, awards will be given out and food and drinks will be provided for an open socializing/networking hour.

This event is expected to qualifies for at least 1 Continuing Education Learning Unit through the AIA CES system. (Application pending.) Upon completion of the event, participants will:
• Have an increased awareness of early Worcester architecture.
• Identify Worcester landmarks accepted on the National Register of Historic Places.
• Understand the influence of Worcester’s founding patrons.
• Establish contact with Worcester area preservationists, architects, engineers and industry professionals,
  improving the Worcester AEC community.

This event is free and open to the public. Participants do not need to be members of CSI, Preservation Worcester or AIA.

5:00 Orientation at Leo's, check in for team assignment, rules recap and clue packets
5:15 Teams open clue packets, start solving them and depart
7:00 All teams return Leo's for history presentation, awards ceremony, socializing and network

Speed or drive distracted during the hunt
Be disrespectful while at the destinations
Split up –teams have to stay together

Bring a camera or camera phone
Bring a navigation system if you have one
Bring a smart phone

Sharpen your brain
Have a blast!

For questions, or to let us know you’re attending, email Steve VanDyke at Nault Architects


Wednesday, September 31, 2015

An Access Hanover Lyceum Event

Remembering Saturday Matinees & Worcester Movie Palaces

Made possible by The Hanover Theatre for Performing Arts in partnership with Preservation Worcester

Wednesday, September 30, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
The Hanover Theatre  

Enjoy this special talk by Preservation Worcester docent Marilyn Polito on the cultural heritage of Worcester during the Movie Palace Era. Take a multi-media tour of Worcester’s movie palaces during the heyday of the palace theatre phenomenon of the last century.  Explore Worcester’s movie theatre history, architecture and design….all the fun of a matinee at the movies. The audience will have an opportunity at the end of the presentation to share their own stories and memories of the Movie Palace Days in Worcester.  

Theatre members, their guests, and members of partnering organizations receive complimentary admission. $5 for the general public. Reserve tickets by calling: 877-571-7469.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Join us for this year's Holiday Stroll as we tour beautifully decorated, gracious homes in the Massachusetts Avenue Local Historic District. Stay tuned for more details.

Noon to 5:00pm


Members $25
Non-members $30

Day of tour: $35

** Information is subject to change without notice.