S. D. Newton House

8 Sycamore Street

According to information stated in the Area Survey completed in 1977 by the Worcester Heritage Preservation Society, and found on the MACRIS website, Sycamore Street was laid out as a private street in 1846 on the fringe of the developed portion of the city but later became a public street in 1862. 

This Survey states this is “An excellent example of the popular Greek Revival style, side hall type of house, the Newton House is a two and one-half story frame structure with a pedimented facade gable.  The facade is framed by corner pilasters and has a Doric porch.  Along the lot’s street frontage is a low granite wall and wooden picket fence.”  At the time of the review it is also stated “the Newton house and it’s property are exceptionally well-maintained”.

Additional information in this Area Survey informs us the original owner of the property was S.D. Newton, a painter who lived in the house until approximately 1854 when the property was occupied by Benjamin Lewis of Spurr & Lewis, victuals and by James Lewis who worked in a local telegraph office.  Neighbors at the time included a principal of the Sycamore Street School, a shoe manufacturer and a trunk and harness maker. 

This property was on the Endangered List in 2009.  The most recent information shows that this house was sold on May 23, 2019 for $1.00 to an LLC in Everett, MA.