Three Decker Porches

Unaltered Examples: 138, 142 & 144 Elm Street
Inappropriate Alterations : 3 Ives Street,  71 Cambridge Street & 54 Freeland Street

The three -decker dwelling represents a unique form of late 19th century residential architecture.  Its three-story design , with one apartment per floor, allowed working-class families to live near their workplaces at an affordable price.  Built  in a wide variety of styles, these homes were typically built with stacked porches.  This offered not only outdoor living space, but also an opportunity for decorative millwork.

Today, as more and more three-deckers are no longer owner-occupied and have become rental properties, their porches are often removed entirely or closed in to form additional living space.  These alterations destroy their individuality and distinctive character, and transform them into faceless, boxlike structures.