Our Education Programs

Preservation Worcester offers a wide variety of educational programming for learners of all ages. 

  • Worcester's Royal Corsets

    an illustrated talk by Marilyn Polito

    Loosen your corset laces and join us as we trace the history of women’s corsets through the years and learn about the Royal Worcester Corset Company, once the largest producer of corsets in the world.

  • The Heart of the City

    an illustrated talk by Marilyn Polito

    Worcester native or newcomer?

    Discover interesting things your probably never knew about Worcester Common, City Hall, and the history and architecture of downtown.  Hear about the Old Burying Ground, cattle shows, and Worcester’s smallest monument, a bronze star in the sidewalk in front of City Hall.

  • By The Canal

    an illustrated talk by JoAnn Mills

    Opened in 1828 and in operation for only twenty years, the now-buried Blackstone Canal had a remarkable influence on Worcester’s future.  Learn about this transportation waterway – the catalyst which, over the course of the 19th century, transformed what was then a small, land-locked, county seat into a flourishing industrial city.
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  • The Castle on the Hill

    an illustrated talk Jan Parent

    Picturesque Oread Castle once stood overlooking Main Street – where Castle Park is today.  Learn about this long-vanished building, about one of the country’s earliest institutions of higher learning for women, and about its founder and headmaster, Eli Thayer, previously headmaster of Worcester Academy.

  • Worcester's Movie Palaces

    an illustrated talk by Marilyn Polito

    Take a multimedia tour of Worcester theatres during the heyday of the palace theatre phenomenon of the last century.  Explore Worcester’s movie theatre history and architecture – and have all the fun of a Matinee at the Movies.  

  • God's Acre

    What do a pious Millerit, a hermit, and the owner of Denholms Department Store have in common?  Come learn about the Deed Rock, the Worcester hilltop that was deeded to God, and the hermit who called this hilltop home.  Hear about the sumptuous summer home built by the owner of Denholms, which was later the home of the president of Worcester’s Crompton & Knowles loomworks.  Trace the history of this summer home to motor club to hotel, ending in a fiery demise.

  • The Knollwood Estate

    One of Worcester’s grandest houses, Knollwood was built as the 20 room private residence of Worcester industrialist Lyman Gordon, a founder of the Wyman Gordon Company, Designed by an outstanding Boston architectural firm, its imposing design was inspired by French manor houses of the 17th and 18th centuries.   

  • The Levi Lincoln House

    Explore Massachusetts Governor Levi Lincoln's 1836 Greek Rival mansion. Discover the Lincoln family’s impact on Worcester and the transformation of their homestead.

  • The Impact of Matthew J. Whittall on South Worcester

    The Brussels Street site of the former Whittall Carpet Company has a long history of carpet manufacturing.  This talk includes a short history of carpet making in South Worcester and a brief biography of Matthew J. Whittall, along with the history of the rise and fall of Whittall’s company.

  • Andrew Haswell Green 

    and Green Hill Park

    Andrew Green of Worcester's Green Hill Park and the driving force behind New York's Central Park and the New York Public Library.  Green, his social contributions and unfortunate murder. An interactive and illustrated talk with readings from Green's personal diary, letters, speeches, and archived news articles. 

an illustrated talk by Stuart Sadick

an illustrated talk by Breanna Barney

an illustrated talk by Denise O'Connell

an illustrated talk by Jan Parent

an illustrated talk by Harold Albert


Our School Programs

All America City

The All America City program is Preservation Worcester’s premier education program.  Designed to fit the Massachusetts third grade curriculum requirements for History and Social Science, the program uses the city’s architecture as a key to unlock students’ understanding of Worcester history.  Enriching everyday history and social science classes with site-based learning, the program includes an initial, illustrated classroom presentation followed by a field trip.  

Seeing Worcester Architecture

Tailored to the third, fourth, and fifth grades, the Seeing Worcester Architecture program is an expanded version of the Third Grade All America City program.  A collaborative effort between Preservation Worcester and school staff, this program gives students a solid grounding in Worcester history and architecture – building from year to year on the lessons learned the year before. 


Susan McDaniel Ceccacci

Education Fund 

Since 1969 Preservation Worcester has strengthened and enhanced our community though our education programs.  Susan has been instrumental in our efforts nearly that entire time both as a volunteer and most recently as staff. The Fund will be used to underwrite trainings, programs and notable speakers to further educate docents and/or the general public on historic preservation matters.


Thank you for supporting our initiatives.


Preservation Worcester is a historic preservation
non-profit, founded in 1969; that works towards maintaining significant sights and structures in the city of Worcester. 

“Funding from Mass Humanities has been provided through the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of the 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act of 2020.”


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