Most Endangered Structures

Help us save Worcester’s architectual treasures by sending us your nomination(s) to our 2017 Most Endangered Structure List.

We need your help to identify architectural treasures in Worcester that are in danger of being lost from our streetscape. If you know of structures that are in danger, please complete and send us a 2017 Most Endangered Structures Nomination Form, which you can access below. 

The deadline for nominations is Januray 13, 2017

2017 Most Endangered Structures Nomination Form – Complete and Email

2017 Most Endangered Structures Nomination Form – Print, Complete and Mail

2016 Most Endangered Structures

For the past twenty years, Preservation Worcester has published an annual list of Most Endangered Structures. The List alerts the public to threats to some of our city’s most historic treasures and garners city-wide attention to the condition of the structures and their importance to the city landscape.

The criteria for the designation include:
• Pre-1965 structures located in Worcester that are significant for their historic, architectural and/or cultural contributions to the landscape of the city.
• Structures that are threatened by neglect, demolition, alteration, deterioration, and/or type of use.
• Any structure, including residential, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings, bridges, monuments, parks, burial grounds – even entire neighborhoods, city blocks or a particular type of building or building elements.

The Most Endangered Structures Committee solicits nominations from the community at large, reviews nominations and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors of Preservation Worcester for approval. The committee will monitor the properties over the course of the ensuing year. Often, the List serves as a catalyst for restoration and preservation.

To mark the twenty first anniversary of the Most Endangered Structures List, Preservation Worcester selected seventeen structures that have either appeared on the List and were subsequently saved or are historic buildings that have been thoughtfully maintained by their owners. These commendations recognize the results of Preservation Worcester’s efforts to “Save the Best to Last” and owners whose stewardship of their buildings has preserved these architectural gems. Imagine what a loss it would be to have these properties lost from our city.

2016 Commendations

  • Joel Fletcher-Henry S. Pratt House – 22-24 King Street
  • George Pierce House – 59 Benefit Street
  • Abraham Fitts Cottage – 32 Castle Street
  • Junction Shops – 64 Beacon Street
  • Building – 3 Jackson Street
  • Stearns Tavern – 651 Park Ave
  • Lindberg & Dahlin Double Cottages – 19 Blackstone River Road
  • Fred Arnold House & Store – 47 Blackstone River Road
  • R. Hatton House – 28 Whipple Street
  • Larchmont – 36 Butler Street
  • Katz & Leavitt Apartment House – 53 Elm Street
  • Francis H. Dewey House – 71 Elm Street
  • Father Matthew’s Total Abstinence Society Hall – 118 Green Street
  • Beacon Oil Colonial Station – 194 Grafton Street
  • Osgood-Bradley Building – 18 Grafton Street
  • Charles Lundberg Three Decker – 67 Catharine Street
  • Grout’s Block – 379-385 Main Street